Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Under Fire (Winged Enemy #2) By Olivia Ruin

  I am sooo loving this series ! Leslie is so funny and awesomely strong! I love the fact that she is balls to the wall and doesn't not shame away! This story is hot,sexy, funny and at time a little scary but that is all part of this wild ride with the Winged Enemy MC ! So if you like alpha males, bad, boys, bikes and danger then tune into this series now it is  three books and the first one is free! the other two are only .99 cent and they are well worth the read !!!!!!

Under Fire (Winged Enemy MC Romance)

Leslie is an undercover agent with the DEA who was forced to break cover in order to save the lives of her lover, Jed, and the rest of the Winged Enemy MC members. She lost Jed’s trust in the act of saving his life and now has to fight to regain it and rebuild their relationship on a foundation of truth.

But when Jed’s smart and beautiful ex-flame rides into town, Leslie knows she will have to fight for her man against a true biker chick who knows things about Jed she never could. Even worse, Jed’s brothers in the motorcycle gang start dying under mysterious circumstances. Someone is out to destroy those she has grown to cherish as family. 

Will Leslie be able to resurrect her relationship with the club president, or will the presence of Jed’s ex signal the end of their ill-fated romance? And will they be able to solve the deaths of the club members before it's too late? Under Fire is a thrilling tale of romance and suspense and will have your heart in your throat and your pulse racing!

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