Interview of The Delightful Rebecca Royce ( Author of the Month)

     This interview was so fun for so many reasons. One it was like talking to and old girlfriend! Two Rebecca is so humble and down to earth it made it easy to talk with her. Lastly, I am such a fan girl it was awesome just the fact that she made time to talk to me when she is so busy creating and being a mom and wife.
       Now this is not the simple Q&A interview. As I stated it was like talking to a friend so we do have a lot of spoilers in this interview so if you have not read Alpha's Strength or any of her other books then you may want to stop now!!!Within the interview which lasted about an hour actually.We talked about mainly Rebecca's new release. However we touch on other books and things we have in the works. Please enjoy as much as I did and check out Rebecca Royce our Author of the month an a all around great writer!
    Me: How did you decide you would do this kind of book?
     Rebecca: " I have a wolf series Westervelt Wolves which is a complete series and I did not want to do a wolf shifter type book again. I wanted  to be more toward the traditional werewolf which the Westervelts were not. So to build the characters I asked questions. For example, with the Westervelt wolves I was in the zoo with my son at the wolf den. As I stood there I thought , What if one of the wolves wasn't a wolf  but a shifter that was trapped in wolf form? Then I started  to think who would he be ? The three brother of the royal family and the concept was born right there as I stared at the wolf den!"
   " So in turn  when I started on the Alpha's Strength  book I thought, What if the wolves are in trouble? But the Alpha Supreme that ruled over them has been murdered? This would leave all the wolf packs in disarray and since they are wolves  fights and wars break out for dominance.Ultimately someone has to be the new Alpha Supreme so, what would they look like? What would the characters of a good leader be ? That's how I started the series!It was originally  a short story in the Ever After Anthology called Alpha  Rising (which is like 0.5). In that story we learn about some of the characters as well as Cyrus who is the main character in Alpha's Strength it gives background and insight into their world."
    Me:I didn't read Alpha Rising  and I normally do  because I love to have all the details on the whose who in a series.After, reading the  next book I kinda wish I had. However , I don't think it is a necessary thing as you give great details in Alpha's Strength!
     Rebecca :Yes, Alpha Rising  was just that a peek into the world of the Alpha's and the characters.It tells you what is happening and gives you a quick love story all in one .
      Me: This is definitely a spoiler alert!!! But I like the way I could see the bridges and relationships form between the packs.For example, the twin sisters that where long lost to each other both being mated to  the Alpha's Travis and Cyrus!
   Rebecca : Yes, I form a lot of bridges in the book like with Beaux and Lake which is Cyrus sister. however, Cyrus and Beaux have a history and the way they view the world is completely different they will have to come to some understanding eventually. Beaux was tricky for me just because of his past and the way he was treated by the former Alpha Supreme.
   At this point we started talking intensely about the characters and the mating  to come! I am going to leave that out because it would be telling the whole story and some spoilers for the next book (I know I'm evil I can't help it I'm a cancer)!
     Rebecca: This is going to be a long series and I hope the readers love it!
Me: Well, I'm in for the long ride! I was in to the Westervelt Wolves. I swear I was stalking B&N and Kindle looking for the next one! I will more then likely be doing the same with this series!I have to know we is going to be Alpha Supreme!
Rebecca: Some one has to be Alpha Prime  and as the series develops new characters and developments will occur and I'm not even sure yet how it will come out! however, there are short story coming and as well as longer novels. Questions like what make a good alpha Prime will be answered.
Me: Not including my next statements because it would definitely be a spoiler alert. we talked about a scene in book and how Lucian played a role in the scene ( curious yet)!
Rebecca: there's a totem that is traveling from person to person in the book which will become clearer as the series continues.
Me: Yeah, I remember that. I wondered  why it was important and if it meaning would be revealed. So Lake who is Cyrus's sister is interesting.
Rebecca: Let me explain. I have three other authors that read with me as I write. I write a chapter and send it to them to critique. As they do the same with there writing. This is normal most writers have at least two people to help as they go along. All three felt differently about Lake! One could now stand her!
Me: Yes, I could see that! Lake is so insure and insecure. Like she wants to be a wolf but  she doesn't. Makes it hard to like her. But the end of the book shows sparks of life I think!
Me:Some wolf shifter books try to show the human side of the character and show that the man controls the beast not the other way around. However, in the series that's not the case. they are in the world but not of the world of humans. Cyrus generally tolerates humans but at the same time stays away.
Rebecca:Yes , for the group it is how much can they hide from the humans. However, there is a group of humans who are very aware of the wolves!
Me: Yes, The extremely dark villains of this book called "The True Believers." They are scary on  so many levels. They are beyond the run of the mill crazy, they are complete bat **** crazy!
Rebecca: Yes, "The True Believers"  they  are really scary and dark! They definitely bring that element to the book!
Me: What genre would you put your books in?
Rebecca: I would say erotic romance. Just because my understanding is erotica is just about the sex. My books have that in them but it also has a love story. Although, I think Alpha's  Strength could be erotica.
Me: You have other series in which I have read which include a Young Adult series.Are you planning on finishing or adding to them?
Rebecca: Yes, I have lots of stories in the works! Both long and short as well as another book to The Capes series!
Rebecca is an awesome writer and a great author as she entertains her fans even when they ask mundane questions. She is both funny and intriguing and I wish her much success in all her future ventures! Don't worry I will continue to stalk her and post info here or on my Facebook  page! Follow links below to Rebecca Royce and my page also I'm on twitter @blackmambamabr!
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