The Interview of Author Sammie J for Blackmambama’s Book Review Blog Author of the Month for April

Sammie J is the of Author of  two new books ! 

About the Author

Sammie J loves to read and, through her own dreams, her stories have started to take form. She finally decided to write things down when her dreams kept repeating every night, and she hasn't stopped since. She finds time to write while also being a stay at home mum to four children, who love to help her choose names for her characters. Her biggest supporter is her husband, who will stay up and talk to her into the early morning hours about her stories, and he isn't shy about giving her criticism. Sammie J likes to think she has a wicked sense of humor and she hopes it comes through in her books to her readers. If she can make you laugh, then her job is done and she feels complete.

Reviews are both up on my site ! Just look on main page under books name!

The Interview of Author Sammie J for Blackmambama’s Book Review Blog

1.       What was your motivation for writing?
I’m a bit day dreamer and tend to fantasies a lot. (We all need an escape from real life) So my dreams are my motivation, if a dream plays over and over again then I write it down.

2.       What do you want readers to understand about your style of writing?
That’s a hard one. I would say the emotion of my writing, that through my stories I can get the readers to love or hate my characters.

3.       Do you have a muse for your writing?
No, my fingers do all the talking. And my head is full of voices already, maybe I need one to keep the others in line. 

4.       Do you enjoy being a self –published author?
Yes I do, there is a great Indie community out there who are more than willing to help you if you have questions.

5.       What is the hardest thing about being a self – published author?
Getting the readers to take a chance on your work. Also finding the right editor and cover designer who will listen to your needs. And finding the money to start out on this journey.

6.       Coming into the writing world what did you most fear?
That no one would buy my books and the reviews. I still fear the reviews some hurt to read but I am learning to deal with them and taking them on the chin.

7.       In your book Rock the Viper how did you come up with the idea of a vampire rock band?
I’m a big paranormal fan, so when the band Viper came to me I wanted to add that twist of them being vampires. I hadn't read about a vampire rock band so thought why not write one of my own.

8.       In Piece of Heaven the whole human shifter love affair was that straight forward story or did you struggle to write it?
               Actually no I didn't struggle writing Aaron and Neveah’s story at all. I wrote Piece of Heaven in                 two months and it was his military career that I struggled writing. Reading a lot of paranormal books helped me write this story and I wrote the second half of the book before I wrote the beginning.
9.       Where do you see your writing going from this point forward?
On wards and upwards I say. I hope to get better with each story I write and to bring the readers joy through that.

Thanks so much for interviewing me Ella it has been a pleasure.

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