Thursday, December 11, 2014

Watch Me (Dark Obsession, #1) Cynthia Eden

Awesome the action, the love scenes, the alpha males hot,hot , hot! The heat is this book is panty melting! It has it all the action,danger, sex, anger, and large and in charge alpha males!

Watch Me by Cynthia Eden

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

I'll Show You Mine By Lauren Gallagher

This book is emotional and heartbreaking however, the drama is mostly caused by family members who are self righteous in their thoughts about how life should go and how one should live it. The under line story of love and lust at first sight is hot,hot,hot.! I would rate a 3 1/2 stars just for the love scenes alone!

I'll Show You Mine

They could be each other’s second chance…unless their mistakes are too big to overlook.When Alyssa Warren meets Shane McNeill at a wedding, sparks fly. Despite a litany of mistakes no one will let her forget, she can’t resist indulging in one hot night…one that leaves her hungry for more.Alyssa’s not ready to let her past scare Shane off, though, so she proposes a casual arrangement—live in the moment, no discussing ancient history.Shane’s on board with that. No-strings, kinky sex with a beautiful woman who has no interest in his past—and with a libido that matches his own? Hell yeah. If she knew about the monster mistakes he’s made, she’d run for the hills, so he’s all for enjoying this wild ride for as long as it lasts.As they delve deeper into each other’s kinks, though, it’s only a matter of time before trust and intimacy start entangling their hearts. But before a future can take shape, they’ll have to come clean…and hope their confessions don’t drive them apart.Warning: Contains a woman who knows what she wants in bed and isn’t afraid to demand it, and a man who’s more than happy to give—or take—anything her body desires.In between making deliciously dirty demands of his own, that is.