Friday, February 21, 2014

Rock the Viper By Sammie J

   Do you like hot rock bands with a bad boy look? Well look no more cause  Rock the Viper is here!!! The Band is made up of three sexy bad boys( Cruz,Saul and Juan) with a secret that only they know. They have signed with Devil Records which is owned by Noah. Noah is the brother to half of the owner of Cafe Net Lara. Who is the drama queen of the century. If it is not about Lara it is not worth talking about. Then you have passive aggressive Peppa. Peppa has had a crush on Noah since she was fourteen but due to a game of spin the bottle she instead loathes him. However, on one fateful night at the pub where Viper is playing Peppa,Noah and Juan's worlds all collide. Now,all three are in for the ride of their lives as the drama unfolds in this sexy hot story about friends,brothers, sisters,lovers, and rock and roll. I must say this book is written in each of the main characters point of view but don't let that keep you from diving into the world of Rock the Viper. It will make you cheer, scream and cry all in one chapter. I have say it is a MUST READ from and up and coming author!!! So Ladies and Gents if you are looking for your next book boyfriend then look no more Rock the Viper has arrived for your reading pleasure.!! As always enjoy and don't stop reading!

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