Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Major Attraction (Good to Go ) By Marie Harte

    Olivia has plans. Build her coffee shop business and be successful. So what if she does not have a love life no big deal she has time, besides she has a fantasy guy she can make do with right? Kyle has been deployed at sea for nine months. All he wants is some R&R and to see his walking fantasy in the flesh. He does not know why he is so attracted to the sexy coffee shop owner but he hopes to find out. What either of them know was they would end up in  bed together on his first night home nor the lies that got them their. Even though trickery  placed them together will they have a chance to explore the feelings they have for each other or will the fantasy be better then reality? In this steamy hot story to start the series all can say is  I cant wait for more. If you like the mind melting love scenes this is a for sure read. The passion Olivia and Kyle have will have you wanting more and Kyle will quickly be added to the list of book boyfriends!!! The book is due out in May so add to list now!
 A Major Attraction by Marie Harte

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