Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lucky Number Four by Amanda Jason

   I buy this book on a whim.I thought with three male models and one female roommate how could I go wrong. Well, I was right Lucky Number Four is a awesome tale of three male models who are friends and share a loft apartment owned by Drew. The three roommates have recently lost a roommate and because Liam has a thing  about the number 4 they have to find a another person.
   Enter Pandora or Dora as she is called. Her family is a little on the crazy side and her best friends since child hood just got married and living with newlyweds is  well lets just say sleep is not and option. So Dora decides to find a new place to give her friends space.  One day while shopping she reads an ad that leads her to  the trio of Drew, Liam,and  Colin. Drew is instantly into Dora and decides she is their lucky number four.
   This book is funny, smexy and has drama galore as Dora tries to figure out her feelings for Drew and the fact that half the whole is lusting after him. I would recommending jumping into the world of the Lucky Number Four. I started it and could not put it down.!! From the first page till the end it was writing gold!!

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