Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mine to Crave By Cynthia Eden

  This dark suspense series by Cythina Eden  is book number four in the "Mine" series and it did not disappoint!! This fast pace suspense is sexy, scary, and intriguing from beginning to end! The heat and passion that Drake and Jasmine share well burn your eye lid off and have you begging for more! I would recommend reading the whole series as it is a "Hell of a Ride"! Step into the world of the "Mine " series with  Mine to Crave and you will never want to come back!  This book is hot, sexy, fast paced and funny! I can't wait for the next one!
  Drake is a bachelor that's been burned by his past.  He made the mistake of sleeping with the enemy and it ended extremely bad! With his fighting for life and his buddies with a body count to deal with but now the fights is done and he is getting down to business....the Casino business. Since he and his friends Trace Weston and Noah York left the military world of black ops and dangerous situations they all went into separate ventures. Trace has Weston Securities, Noah had the hotel business locked up and Drake had Casinos.
   Lately however, he been restless thinking about the past and the demons that chase him. Till he saw her sit in his new Casino Arrow.
    Jasmine is here to do a job. Tempt Drake Archer! She need to collect information and get out. Unfortunately, she is draw to Drake in more than one way and just the look he gives her makes her drool! But she can't let lust cloud her way she needs to stay away from Drake Archer because her secrets could hurt not only him but Noah York as well!

   Mine to Crave (Mine, #4)

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