Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wounded Courage by S.M. Butler

         This book is smoking hot, from the sexy alpha male Navy Seals  to the steamy hot romance!  This book is part of a series call the Lucky Thirteen.  A group of hot Navy Seals set to protect serve and find love in the strangest of ways!  It is action packed and full of emotions! The book Releases on June 2nd and is a awesome ride from the beginning to the end! I did not read the first one but after this one I will be reading it as will as looking for the others! This story is about  Addison Hardy and Eamon Murphy. Murphy has been  best friends with Addison's twin brother since they were children.They both tried to hide their feels for years but when Addison falls back into Murphy's lap it no holds barred on gaining the one woman he has loved since they when young. Addison cant believe she is in trouble and in the arms of her one time crush but will they survive to see tomorrow and find the love they always shared?  I read this as and ARC.  The first book is Dying Commitment.


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