Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Perfect Moment By Becca Lee

    Well, first of all, what's not to love about a mouthy , loud , sweet and loving friend named Ella! This book is all kinds of steamy goodness!This is Becca Lees's break out book and she has a winner! I can't wait for the next book I am drooling....!!!!
     Ella is the best friends with Jo since forever! Preston Jo's brother has been in love and lust for Ella just about as long! However, Ella is looking for a perfect moment!  Preston knows he already found it in Ella now he just has to make her see it too!
     This book is funny,sexy and action packed! It has twisted and turns you never see coming till it smacks you over the head! It also has heartbreak and pain and of course Alpha Male hotness to boot!
Becca Lee has combined humor ,love and sexiness all in  a book with a neat little bow! This book will make you laugh ,cry, and mad hell and that's just the first chapter! A Perfect Moment is worth a look!

“When life threatens perfect, it’s time to step up and kick life in the balls.” 

Ella's perfect moment was taken from her in the worst possible way. Humiliated, heartbroken and absolutely determined not to allow her heart be destroyed for a second time, she builds an ice wall around her heart. 

Preston has known he was in love with his big sister's best friend since the age of fifteen. Over ten years on, and an opportunity to be her knight in shining armour is too good to miss. Putting his heart on the line, he's on a mission to show Ella that the perfect moment is possible. 

Ella's instinct is to run when she realises her feelings for her bestie's little brother may just run a little bit deeper than just friends. But if she can't run, she'll try every trick in the book to shake off his affection and realign his feelings. 

She’s already had her perfect moment, and there is no chance she'll let her heart thaw for Preston. No matter how good he looks in the firefighter's Christmas calendar.


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