Saturday, March 22, 2014

Goddess of the Hunt By Becky Flade

   Goddess of the Hunt is sexy, fast paced and fun all while pulling you in to a covert operators world!The female lead and main character is sexy, fun and smart! The story shows a strong female that can handle  any man or situation as good or better than her male counterparts! At the same time as have fun and lots of SEX! Becky Flade book oozes sexy , steamy love scenes as well as intense drama! I loved it and hope there is more to come!
   Paige code name Diana is a CIA opertive that loves to have fun.She works hard and plays harder! if she sees a man she wants she takes him ! Hey she is a female in the top of her game in a male dominate job  she has to keep them on their toes right? She is the live for the moment love them and leave them type  till her mission to Ireland where is meets Eoin! Will he make her want more or will it by bye forever?
   Eoin is a MI:6 agent so deep undercover even his family thinks he is rouge! His mission (as he has choose to accept it lol) is to get the CIA operative into the compound! What he did not know was the Agent is a female! A hot female that he wants to lick from head toe! In this dangerous game of terrorism and death how can he think of sex!Will he complete his mission or will the American female ruin all he worked for ?
Check out Goddess of the Hunt  by Becky Flade now!

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