Friday, March 21, 2014

Destroyed By Pepper Winters

   This book is Magnificent, Dark,Overflowing with  emotion and a DAMN GOOD READ! If you have not read Destroyed by Pepper Winters then go, run, jump , leap or even drive if you have to and get it now! This book had me cheering for the  main characters. It had me sad at the heart ache and it Destroyed me with its twisted and turns that  I could not  see a mile away! I was in tears by the end and could not be more overjoyed! Ms.Winters has done it again with her  damaged characters and her soul stirring storytelling! Be forewarned YOU WILL NEED TISSUE!YOU WILL NEED TO WALK AWAY! YOU WILL BE DESTROYED!  BUT IT IS WORTH THE RIDE!
    Roan is damaged goods in the worst way! He is an assassin with no way to heal his sick training. No way to ease the pain that years of brutal training ,torment, and brainwashing had caused.He tried everyday to find the missing pieces.To see the person he should had been if all was not as it was. However, he could not see past the death to see his future.The demons rode him hard ever present. Until one night he saw her! Could she be his redemption, his soul that he lost so long ago?
    Hazel was a mom, a friend and broke! Her daughter is sick and her friend Clue dragged her to a fight club!What kind of mother goes to a fight club?Especially when said mother has a sick child at home! Hazel needed a break from the worry and Clue needed to see her new man Corkscrew in the ring so here she was dressed like a slut! She was ready to leave to go home and be with Clara but that is when she saw him dressed in black from head to toes! She never wanted some one so much in her life but she knew trouble and this man had it in spades! So why was it hard for her to leave and not find out who he is? 

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