Saturday, March 15, 2014

Better Than Perfect By Kristina Mathews

     So this was my first time reading anything by Kristina Mathews. Be I can guarantee it will not be the last! This book was an emotional roll-coaster! From the beginning I was pull into the world of baseball and the fans and fanatics that come with it! Kristina is a true fan of the sport and it shows in every line and word she writes!
    The book will not be out till the 7th of April but I would highly recommend a  pre order! If you like hot baseball players, love sick long  lost college romance, crazy fans  and cheering for true love  this is the book for you! It shows the emotional damage that parents can hand down to their children and how they struggle to break the cycle in their own lives! This book dares to answer questions like,once you let go of love can life give you a second chance? Or is it to little to late?
   No spoilers this time just my brief take to wet your appetite on what is sure to be a good series!
Johnny meets  Alice in college! Was it love at first sight,maybe? Then why fourteen years later could he not admit he let the best thing beside baseball walk away from! Will the fourteen years be enough to end his need for this woman or will seeing her again make his life Better Than Perfect!
   Alice let him go once! But fourteen years later he still is the apple of her eye! He still makes her engines roar to life! But was she wrong all those years ago! Can his coming back be a sign of a second chance she didn't think would happen? If not can her heart take the blow of him leaving again? To find out this and more check out Better Than Perfect on April 7th !
Better Than Perfect

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