Sunday, March 16, 2014

Always and Forever Love By Lynn Crandall

   I thought this was a run of the mill romance of a detective with a ghost lover ! HA! This book is romantic, empowering and suspenseful with a little supernatural thrown in for spice!. Lynn Crandall has made a strong female lead who is doing it for her self!
    Lacey is a widowed mom. Life has not  been easy since the death of her husband and the start of her detective agency with her sister. But Lacey is determine to make it and hang on to the love she lost because Nick was a once in a lifetime love and he deserves her loyalty even if he can't be with her physically. That  is until she meets her swore enemy's son Jackson that's when life gets interesting!
   Jackson is the son of a wealthy and powerful business man! Yet all he wants is to run his own successful business without the Carter name hanging over him. Then in walks Lacey with his nephew! She is sexy,intelligent, and he wants nothing more then to lay her down on the nearest surface and take her till he can't breathe! However, the family name can ruin all that because if nothing else the Carter name is not a great one to have.
   Can Jackson stand outside of the family name and his father's drama to find the life he wants?
Can Lacey find another forever love or will the family name be to much to over come? Read Always and Forever Love by Lynn Crandall!Always and Forever Love

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