Monday, February 17, 2014

The Marked Men Series By Jay Crownover

      Like tattoos? Like tattoos on sexy hot tattoo artist? Then run don't walk to get the new series by Jay Crownover. Talk about hot sexy can't pull you head out of the book series then look no more The Marked Men Series featuring Rule, Jet and Rome (and soon Nash) is your ticket to hours of pleasure, laughs and heartbreak.  These characters are real and heartwarming at the same time. Jay Crownover pulls you in from the very first line in Rule and you are hooked!!
       The first book in the series is Rule.Rule is the bad boy. Shaw is the good girl who has been his friend since middle school. Shaw is in love with Rule even though he does not know. Throw in the fact that she was pretending to be in love with his twin brother who died tragically and you have the makings of one hot smoking page turning ride that will make you laugh, cry, and be in shock all at the same time.
         The second book is Jet. Jet is the rock and roll bad boy of the group of friends. Ayden is Shaw's best friend and is hand over heel for Jet but Ayden has a past which is about to firmly stomp all over her current life. Between Ayden 's past and Jet's rock and roll image this book is nothing but a fast paced roll through how romance and life twist and mingle. Ayden has to decide is Jet worth the risk or will her past destroy their future together.
          Book three is about Rome the oldest of the Archer brother's and a solider returned home. Rome has a lot to deal with. The least of which is seeing his younger brother in a real relationship. Not to mention the fact that he likes the fiery fairy named Cora who works at the shop with his brother Rule. Cora is a spit fire if Rome ever saw one and he is not sure what to make of her or his feelings for her. Cora on the other hand thinks Rome needs his butt kicked and being a daughter of a military men she knows what the real problem is with Rome short war is hell ! But that doesn't  give him the right to ruin everyone else's fun. Can Cora and Rome find the love they need in each other or does Cora just want to have a good roll in the hay!! Rome is hot ,sexy,funny, and sad. Life has it's ups and downs and this story covers it all.
            Nash 's story is coming April 29th stay tuned .... and enjoy the sexy men of  The Marked series!!!

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