Monday, February 17, 2014

A Beta's Haven By Carrie Ann Ryan

         This was a tough book to review. It is book 6.5 in the Redwood Pack series and not having read the books before it kinda throw me. That is not to say that you could not read and it and still follow the characters or the world of the Redwood pack. This novella focuses mostly on the life of Jasper and Willow. It has hot sexy scenes between the beta and his mate. It also shows how he is adjusting to life as a husband and father in the middle of a war. If you are a fan of the series or of Carrie Ann Ryan you will be delighted to see how pack is moving forward with all the drama and danger that surrounds them everyday. As a lover of paranormal romance it makes me wish I had read the series from the beginning and not at this book. However, there is a guide to help you understand who is whom and where they fit in the Packs. I now look forward to the next book to find out what will happen with the only girl in the Jamenson hierarchy and Logan. If you love paranormal romance it maybe time to join the Redwood Pack against the Centrals!!! As always happy reading. This book is due out tomorrow enjoy.

A Beta's Haven

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