Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Flaming Hot By Lynn LaFleur

I was not excepting to read multiple books from a series but it was a pleasant surprise! Loved the look into all the townsfolk. Would love to see if some got married.

Big and bold, strong and sexy, the firefighters of the Lanville, Texas, Volunteer Fire Department know how to turn up the heat. . .
Sparks fly the moment Eve and Quade meet. Fear of heartbreak makes them wary but neither can deny the scorching waves of desire that leave them wanting so much more. . .
Paige wonders about Cort's past but she can't ignore the heat she feels inside every time he touches her. And things only get hotter when this sexy firefighter takes her to the heights of extreme carnal pleasure. . .
For years Kirk has kept a secret that not even his twin knows. But the arrival in town of a sexy newcomer turns up the heat and keeps the flames of passion burning all night long. .

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