Friday, October 10, 2014

10 Rules To Sex up a Blind Date By Heidi Rice

Hot,sexy,funny and insightful! The world of dating is never easy but now in the computer age its even more drama! This book shows how two people find love and hope in the new age of dating!

After a nasty breakup, Tally Gladstone has no interest in anything serious. But she's dipped her wary toe back into dating with a few blind datesall bador worse. The only good thing to come out of it is a sizable following on social media. Her latest date is doomed from the get-gohe isn't even straight. But at least he knows someone who meets her every very exacting wish
American-in-London Brent O'Neill is everything she wantson paper. He's hot, sexy and emotionally off-limits. Tally can play all she likes without getting burned. He's so good in bed he's addictive. But her millions of social media followers want disaster, not boring-ever-after. They might get their way yethow is she going to walk away before her heart is in tatters?

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