Friday, March 7, 2014

Tears of Tess ( Monsters in the Dark #1 ) By Pepper Winters

    So I try to stay away from the darker books cause well I know life can be dark and people evil! But something draw me to read Tears of Tess. I have read books that have a little of the darkness in them but I must say Mrs.Winters captured the true essence of the way a person is treated in human trafficking!! This book is a masterpiece of human emotion and the will to survive! It makes you feel the pain that Tess endures and the heartbreak of thinking every second was her last!
    Tess is a normal woman living life to the fullest. She did not have the best upbringing but now she and her boyfriend( Brax) are comfort and in love. For their anniversary Brax takes Tess to  Mexico to have fun in the sun and make love all day. However, this does not go the way they plan and Tess soon finds herself kidnapped and thrown into a world she never thought she would be in. Not only that but she was not sure if Brax was alive or dead!! Who would save her from this hell!?
     Enter Q. He is rich, powerful and owns slaves of the female variety!  He acquires Tess  after a while in captivity. He is bewildered that  her spirit is not broken! She is not down trodden and cowering in a corner  she meets Q head on and defies his every command! He actually tries to stay away from her but is draw to her fight to live and his need to dominate her!
      This book is a must read! the series Monsters In the Dark is a heart pounding thrill ride with scenes that equally make you want to scream, fight and surrender at the same time! You are heartbroken,tired, and just plain wrung out in this joy ride of a book! I can not explain all the emotions you will swirl and spin though while going into the Monsters in the Dark's den  but it is one hell of a ride and like Disney World a once in a lifetime event! Pick it up today and help Tess fight the Monsters in the Dark !

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