Monday, March 24, 2014

Piece of Heaven By Sammie J

   This book is the second one by Sammie J. It is written from a male POV and is funny, sexy, sad, heartbreaking, and heart-pounding! From the opening scene to the last words this book captured and enthralled me all at the same time!
   Aaron is everything you would want in a male lead! Sexy, tall , handsome and is in the military! He is witty as hell and make all the panties drop! He can definitely qualify as a new book boyfriend! If you have not grabbed a copy do so now and come into the world of R.U.M!
   Piece of Heaven goes through the life of Aaron Calnan. He is in a paranormal special military group called R.U.M. The book details his ups and downs and how he comes to work within the group. Aaron is human an does not have a clue to the fact that the supernatural actually exist! He takes you not only through his life but his missions and exploits. Aaron also finds love when he wasn't ever looking!
     Sammie J  really gives you insight into the alpha male psyche and how his thoughts and views differ from how strong males are normally looked at. Many romance books are written from the females POV but I think it is cool to get the males views in love and life!

Check out Piece of Heaven by Sammie J today

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