Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Abandon All Hope (Rocking Romance Collection) By M.J. Schiller

  One thing I like is that this is a collection. That means although they are together they are stand alone books and each story is unique and not just a continuation of the series! M.J. Schiller captures the essences of the Rock Star vibe and lifestyles. As no two people are the same neither are each of the Hot Rockers she introduces us too!This book is full of long lost love, stupid ex's , and even a mobster thrown in for some fun and a big splash of drama! Of course the love scenes are HOT! I totally loved this collection from the moment I read Trapped Under Ice( which by the way is free right now hint HINT!) ! Looking for a new read Check out the world of HOT ROCKERS and the Women THEY LOVE IN M.J SCHILLER'S ROCKING ROMANCE COLLECTION! (this book was gifted to me by author and all her awesomeness )
   Chase Hatton has meet the girl that makes his heart stop! The girl that just moved next door Hope Creswell. The thing is they are only twelve at the time but he knew she was his from the moment he saw her! Chase and Hope grew close through the years and in high school he finally had the opportunity to ask Hope out!However, fate is a cruel mistress and the love they share is dashed into little bits. Chase managers to move forward but not move on. He becomes a Rock legend but Hope is never far from his mind or heart!
     Hope Creswell is on the move she never gets to put down roots long enough to enjoy. She hopes this town will be different.She hopes Chase will notice her! Hope thinks she is finally complete when she a Chase start dating she feels loved, treasured. But all good things come to and end and life does not always go the way we wish! Now Hope is a writer for The Globe who has just been assigned to do a story on Chase Hatton Rock star! How will she confront the past to get the future she wants?

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind review! You made it sound so good I wanted to pick it up and reread it! And I appreciate you mentioning TRAPPED UNDER ICE being on sale, too. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts about ABANDON ALL HOPE.