Saturday, February 15, 2014

Alpha's Strength by Rebecca Royce Happy Release Day !!!

 Well I first discovered Rebecca Royce while looking for paranormal romance. I must say after reading many of her books  I have not been disappointed yet! That is definitely the case with the new series that is sure to captivate you from beginning to end. Alpha's Strength is funny,sexy, and the characters have the ability to bring you into their lives in a way that makes you fall in love the them from beginning to end.
    Cyrus is the Alpha of Manhattan Pack. He is no none sense take action kind of guy! However, he is restless with the Alpha Supreme dead the packs are all in and uproar! Cyrus is really tried of trying to put out the fires but will do what it takes to keep every one safe.As for his own life somethings missing and as Lake (his sister and pack healer) says a grumpy Alpha is he!
   While out to get lunch Cyrus is drawn to Betsy he is not sure why as she looks like the mate of the Alpha in Philadelphia he soon realizes she is not. What is even more shocking is she does not even know she is a werewolf!! What more shocking then both is she is his true mate something he only thought to be a fairy tale for his kind!
   As Betsy tries to be a good wife for the son of  the man who is holding her parents hostage.She knows it is all for not. She loves her parents and wants them safe but just a look at the man standing at her table is turning her on! As Betsy learns more about her true life will it tear her apart or make her life complete?
   I always look forward to Rebecca's books but this is one series I truly want more of as quickly as possible. If you are looking for hot alpha males, more drama then you and throw a stick at and some tear jerking moments check this book out you will not be disappointed.
    You can actually get the first part of this series in the Ever After Anthology @ . However, you do not need to read one  to understand the other.
      Also, follow me as in a few day I will have a post of Rebecca's interview with me on how she makes the magic come to life o the pages !!

Alpha's Strength
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